About me

I love to laugh, speak fluent sarcasm, and sometimes find myself laughing through the hard times so I don’t dissolve into a puddle of tears. I am consumed with reading and romance is my genre of choice. Reading is a daily MUST DO for my mental health and wellness. I am a proud romance reader and have been in this Romancelandia since 2013. Co-founding Two Unruly Girls in June of 2016. This book community brings me so much joy and the friendships I have forged are treasured. I love books that make me FEEL, that I connect with, that make me smile, cry, or just escape if even for a moment. I am an easy to please reader with few deal breakers. If a book holds my attention and I connect with the characters I am in it to finish. I have my favorites and hope this website will provide many recommendations and personal connections as it grows. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Wine About It

Newly found feminist

I have always thought myself a strong woman, a force of sorts but never a feminist. A mama bear, ready to pounce if the need arose. In my mind a feminist was a bra burning, possibly even overly aggressive in her views and demands. Recently I have been schooled in the ways of what feminism…

February 27, 2021
Welcome to WINE ABOUT IT

Welcome to WINE ABOUT IT. Just a girl, her romance books, a glass of wine and a rant or 50. This will be a place for me to talk about family, work, kids, BOOKS, happy times, not so great outings and basically purge whatever is my mind. THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS ALONE. Some people may…

February 14, 2021

Latest Reviews

Hotshot by Jenna Hartley

I totally enjoyed this book. I love it when an author takes a novella and makes you feel completely satisfied with the story. You are given SO much information and background on these characters in a small span of time that you can’t help but to fall in love with them quickly and hard. I…

February 27, 2021
Bet The Farm by Staci Hart

I freaking LOVED this story. The push and pull of Jake and Olivia, the pink boots, goats with pj’s, and all the stuff in between had me HOOKED. I love Staci Hart’s books but this one really had it all. I even let loose a tear or twenty. The emotions, friendship, heartache and saving face…

February 27, 2021
Love to Hate You by Jessica Prince

        Okay first and foremost, this is my favorite trope. The one where the wife finds herself alone because some doucheknuckle of a man (who is supposed to love her unconditionally) finds his way into the bed of another. This one has an added layer of YUCK but makes the glow up…

November 16, 2020