Consumed (Consumed, #1)Consumed by Skyla Madi
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Let’s start with a mantra I live by..I LOVE FIGHTERS and especially MMA boys..Seth..mmmmmmm

Seth is the typical slam bam thank you ma’am lover that doesn’t do the second time around and doesn’t hang out to even care enough to get your name.

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”He’s definitely the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about-the kind that breaks hearts and leaves a long line of them behind him”

Why this makes my panties wet? I will never know but I love me a bad boy.. And Seth delivered starting out with the initial eyes set on each other and sparks fly..but being the consummate bad boy he “doesn’t do the girlfriend thing.” Do any of them? Until the one girl who gets under their skin and CONSUMES them..

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Queue Olivia, loyal to a fault has been with one guy for the last 6 years that treats her like she is disposable. Fed up with the cheating and lies she finally calls it quits with all she has ever known and starts to remember who she is. I can appreciate being stuck in a rut you know with all your heart is not what you deserve but the safety of the situation is almost comforting. Some people see this as weak but the ins and outs of life can do this to the best of us. So I enjoyed Olivia and felt her naivety was part of her charm and not an annoyance, for me. Plus her ditched douchebag was named Blade..really? What are you a fucking Power Ranger?

Even when all signs were pointing to these two being right for each other, Seth had to do something or say something to derail the whole situation..and I felt O stayed true to what she knew she wanted. Having already experienced what she definitely did not deserve.

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”You can take your dinner, your apology and your heads up and you can shove them up your ass because I don’t want you.”

True? No but she didn’t want the treatment he was known for dispensing so you preach it Olivia. I enjoyed the surrounding and supporting cast and felt connected to the story. If you like bad boy fighters, alpha demanders and sweaty muscled up this book. If you are more Shakespeare and poetry I think your reading the wrong reviewer..

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