Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy, #1)Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills
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5 Leo Soulmate Loving Stars

Swoontastic, butterflies in the belly, can’t put it down loving this book and these never ceases to amaze me that I can change how I will rate a book as I read it.. At one point the lead female will piss me off and be annoying and I say 3 star read, then she goes and totally redeems herself and I think hmm 4 star..but usually I put my apples in the lead male role basket. Did he make me swoon? Dirty talker? Possessive with a slight touch of crazy (don’t ask) and Leo fit all my boxes!

“You’re playing with fire. You think you want this?” He laughed darkly. “Buttercup, you can’t handle me.”

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‘This was like when Prince Charming kissed Cinderella, only this prince was no gentleman; he was sexy and hot and played a guitar.”

Nora was the epitome of the rich, brilliant girl to the outside world, but inside her own mind was a animal assigning, counting things, word collecting one and a million. She cracked right from the start and began living her life as she thought it should be lived. I for one can applaud that, I love a strong female heroine. The only problem I had with her was her let me do naughty list she had concocted, just a little too Miley Cyrus breaking out of Hannah Montana for me..

From the first time Leo saw Nora there was an attraction a force that neither could explain or deny. But deny they did for most of the damn book..que angst which I love so complaining will do me no good..

“This was no lukewarm, vanilla feeling. It was madness, making me feel like a weak-kneed boy on his first date, like I had fucking butterflies in my stomach when I pictured her face.”

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While the two “soulmates” had to figure out how to be together I fell hard for the supporting cast of the story. Sebastian “Lion”, Teddy “elephant” and Mila “black bunny” even Drew with his mistakes and faults. They all contributed to the life that Nora was trying to build from the ashes of her torched existence. Can’t wait to see who is next in the lineup..

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One of my favorite parts of the book were the quotes from either Nora or Leo depending on the different POV of that chapter. I highlighted so many I lost track. What a great way to simply set a tone going into a chapter..brilliant and I really loved it.

“Even after all that has happened to me, I’ve never given up wishing on stars,” Nora Blakely

“She’s this beautiful chaos.” -Leo Tate

There were so many that just really captured what was going to happen and what the punch line (so to speak) was for that chapter..

This book is angsty, written beautifully and well crafted to have you sneak reading while burning waffles (oops) and I recommend it to any reader who enjoys NA books. Go forth and read it!

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