A Love So Tragic by Stevie J. Cole

First love, love betrayed, love lost but never ever replaced or forgotten. Everyone has that “one” whether it was your first, last or current, but what if that one wasn’t yours anymore, but still owns your heart? This story follows how that can change your life, your path, and everything in between. A bond so strong not even years and miles can lessen it.

A break gone wrong, a choice was made and a love neither thought could ever end was shattered. A tragedy, a visit, memories flood and feelings remembered. The one you are supposed to lean on is nowhere in sight and the one you could never forget rises to occasion. Safe is not a word I would use to describe this book, real, gritty, getting your hands dirty and the overwhelming guilt of trying to live two lives at the same time…totally. The only part I didn’t totally agree with was why Peyton stayed in her life for so long..I needed that part of her life to be a farce.

I really enjoyed this book, the angst, the terrible choices, but overall the writing…the words used to make you fall for characters that aren’t making the best decisions in a moment but you still root for them. That all falls on the author spinning a tale so beautifully that no matter your thoughts on certain variables in life you are invested. So wound up in the story you find yourself cringing, laughing, sobbing or screaming at these people..that is what Ms. Cole can do. Beautiful story of the strength of first love…true love that can stand the test of time..

Written by: unrulygirl

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