A Reason To Kill by CP Smith

alpha male
1. a male animal having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy:

2. the most dominant, powerful, or assertive man in a particular group:
Not all can bring this elusive male to the forefront, some just throw the word alpha around like it is not something to revere. Not me…the alpha male when done right is the finest thing to read, the perfect combination of bossy, possessive, arrogant, protective and loving. Ms. Smith has nailed this technique and every male she writes embodies it perfectly.

Max is not looking for love, but can’t help but be slammed upside the head with it when it stumbles right towards him in a fucking care bear shirt.  Mia is an adorably awkward, yet strong girl that is passionate and loyal, and a little intimated by the presence of one hot ass lumberjack. From the dildo toting senior citizens to the bar hos that surround this town, every piece brings humor, love, friendship and mystery keeping you absolutely glued to your kindle; it’s a who-dun-it with everything in between.

CP Smith has found her way onto my list of favorite authors and every book she writes grips me from page one and never lets me go.  Drama, intrigue and some great growling, hot, sweaty lumberjack sex never hurt anyone.  Loved it!
Written by: unrulygirl

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