All The Pretty Poses By M. Leighton

Being a fan of M. Leighton I was super excited to read this series.  I really enjoyed the first book and was eager to start All The Pretty Poses.  This book did not disappoint, in fact it superseded my expectations by leaps and bounds!

You catch glimpses of Reese in book one as Hemi’s big brother, but this book you get to know more.  And I would like to thank the book Gods for that..  He is a rich, dirty talking, possessive man that doesn’t take “no” for an answer that fell hard years ago for the “girl the next door”
That girl is Kennedy, she lives in the home-town of the only home Reese has ever really known.  Not being close to his mother and father, he found home in the comfort of his Uncle’s estate and the staff that worked there.  The summer before college he falls hard for the slightly younger girl that lived on their property.  A night of firsts, a morning with no goodbyes and a heart hardened.  Set-up perfectly for my perfect type of book! Winning..
Forgetting has been Reese’s way of life for as long as he can remember, struggling for his father’s acceptance and always being just out of reach..  A deal for more time is made and Kennedy is thrust into a whirlwind of a working situation that includes all things Reese..but just for the summer? Learning to let go of who he thought he should be and coming to terms to the man Kennedy always knew he could be is the moral of this story

Pasts are revealed, futures are forged and there is hot, sweaty, possessively growling sex..check please!  Loved this book and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good “you finally figured your shit out” love story!
Written by: unrulygirl

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