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Today’s topic…rating and reviewing books. Just last night I had a HUGE issue with this. An author I love came out with a book that I didn’t love…does this mean I tear it apart? NO. Can I write a thoughtful and honest review even if I didn’t vibe with a story…YES. But here’s the thing…I didn’t even feel comfortable rating it the way I felt it deserved FOR ME.


According to Goodreads star rating here is what the stars mean:

5 Stars = It was amazing

4 Stars = Really liked it

3 Stars = Liked it

2 Stars = It was okay

1 Star = Did not like it

So this particular book was just okay for me, but with how Goodreads reviews and ratings get blown out of proportion or even the guilt I may feel for not liking work from an author that felt it was good enough to publish is hard to get past. I hovered over the 2 Star rating, knowing that is how I felt for this story, but couldn’t do it. This doesn’t sit well with me. My review was not mean spirited, I didn’t attack or blame. I even gifted this book to some lucky winners…but I didn’t want to hurt an author I enjoy feelings, I didn’t want to be singled out like I have been before (this was for a 3 star rating that could have been a 1, and I was harassed by the PR company, like really..) and still I said nothing and went about my business. This is something I am working on fixing in myself. Reviewing books for ME and how I feel is a struggle. Again, I would only do this in a kind and honest way…but the fear of romancelandia turning on you is real. How did we get here. I know part of that answer is Goodreads (aka Bitchreads) because there are a lot of trolls that SLAM books, authors, personally attacking or sending their readers/fans after reviews that they feel aren’t worthy. Some of the most liked reviews on GR are those that are spewing hate and slander…how did we let this happen? These are MY thoughts…do others agree or feel the same? I am not sure. But I do know this 2021 will find me reviewing and reading for ME. Honest to my thoughts on a book and story. Not leaning one way due to fear or pressure. Leading with the best of intentions and continuing to recommend those reads that I bond with…will you as a reader always like what I love or recommend…NO and that is okay. It is the beauty of reading, it is personal to YOU and YOU alone. What one of us loves, others may not bond with and THAT IS OKAY. As long as the discussion is had with grace and remembering that feelings matter. That is my Wine About It for this week. Thanks for reading…xo Dawn

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