Always In by M.R. Joseph

After finishing Giving In I was immediately messaging the author to see if we could get our hands on this book ASAP.  I was absolutely in love with Cruz and Harlow and had to find out where there story was headed…after that ending I was pacing with anticipation.

Book two picks up into Harlow’s recovery and she has no memory of her life, love and that she had given her heart and soul to Cruz.  She could remember everything but the past months of her life, the life with Cruz.  That is where I found my problem with the story, while I understand the fact that she didn’t remember I couldn’t wrap my head and heart around the fact that all of her family was telling her how special they were together and she didn’t want to fully explore that.  The change in both Harlow and Cruz in this book was almost night and day.  The characters I had fallen for were almost lost to me. 

Instead of trying to remember what she had, it seemed she almost gave up and looked elsewhere. Honestly, I was tied in knots, yelling at Harlow, cussing out Cruz and tossing the kindle into the night!  I just wanted Cruz to find his man-whore ways and bail out, I wanted Harlow to get her head out of her ass and wanted my damn happily ever after…and that my friends is emotion, brought to you by the workings of Ms. Joseph..whilst wanting to scream I also have to tip my hat..kudos to you.  This is an emotional roller-coaster of wtf’s, no you didn’t’s and at the end of the day the path souls have to take to find their way back…

Written by: unrulygirl

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