ARC Review of Crash into Me by Tracy Wolff

Crash Into Me (Shaken Dirty, #1)Crash Into Me by Tracy Wolff
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Protective hot rocker, best friend turned hot lovers? Sign me the fuck up! You just took two of my favorite things and gave me one great story. Not hard to figure out where the plot may take you, but enough guilty angst to make you want to reach deep into your Kindle and strangle a person a time or two.

“He felt so good, tasted so good, that she wished she could live in this moment forever.”

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You first meet Jamison, the younger sister of Jared the guitar player of Shaken Dirty. Jared is best friends with Ryder Matthews, front man of Shaken Dirty and all around tortured bad boy. Jamison is DOWN on her luck, losing her boyfriend, job and wrecking her car all within a weeks time. Determined to reach her goals and accomplish more than her dead beat mother did, she does not let anyone in on this road block in her life. She meets up with her brother and his band and experiences a not so welcoming from another band’s front man. Rescued by Ryder you feel the spark these two share right from the get go..

“He was playing with fire. He knew he was. Just like he knew he was going to get burned-this was Jared’s sister, after all. Little Jamison,”

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Ryder is emotionally scarred from a tragic childhood and a hearbreaking loss in his past. Afraid he is tainted he believes Jamison is too good for him and begins the angsty crusade to keep his distance. When Jamison is suddenly thrust into their everyday lives the proximity is just too much for Ryder to handle. An affair is born and both parties are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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The surrounding players were not really introduced in a matter of getting to know them personally but you did get a small piece of each of them and why they may be damaged souls as well. The scene was set for more Shaken Dirty bad boys to take center stage.

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All in all I enjoyed this book felt the story held it’s own and had some really touching and hot scenes. I am pretty easy when you add a hot, possessive rocker that knows how to go down on a girl. SOLD..

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