Arc Review of Remember When 3 by T. Torrest

Remember When 3 (Remember Trilogy, #3)Remember When 3 by T. Torrest
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4.5 I Heart Trip W. Stars

I was desperate for this book. So much so that I may have bartered one or all of my four kids! She has 2 of her own and turned my deal down, but still allowed me the honor of reading the finale in this wonderful, heartfelt trilogy.

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Trip and Layla’s journey began in Book One Remember When, taking place in the late 80’s early 90’s totally spoke to me. That is my time. Class of 1991, baby! When your theme songs were Ice Ice Baby and Paradise City. When music videos were still on MTV and know one knew what reality TV was. Note passing was how we told our friends we liked people, prior to texting, social networking and when a book read was paper only! Thank the heavens above for the, aahhhh!

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So being from the era and understanding not only the references but the feel of the situation just called to me. Book three starts with how Trip took Layla not showing up at the hotel. Let’s just say it didn’t go over well. A decision for a clean break was made and a life of regret, alcohol and bad choices followed. Fast forward years and you find Trip and Layla connecting and putting together the pieces that were skewed for so long. Is it enough for the future both of them have always dreamed of? The love that was found so many years ago in a “shabby, turquoise tent.” The “Hollywood” life that Trip now led is not the easiest to navigate and compromise is a needed attribute. Not ever being the best at communicating, Layla and Trip are trying to find their HEA.

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I love this series..the whole damn thing and I want to thank T. Torrest again for gifting me the arc. I will miss the whole gang and the lifetime connection they had.

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