Assumption by Aurora Rose Reynolds

There are certain authors that when their work hits my kindle, everything else slowly fades away.  No matter what I may be reading, what is happening in my world…the book comes first.  Aurora Rose Reynolds happens to be one of those authors for me.  Her books are like cozying up on a comfortable couch on a fall night, fire roaring, favorite blanket wrapped around you, and your favorite B.O.B all charged and ready to go…yeah that good.  No matter the situation, I know I am going to enjoy what is coming.
Kenton Mayson was different from my other Mayson men, but the same in very important ways..  He was solid, dependable, and knows his way around a woman’s body!  Say no more friend.  We have a new Mayson man to swoon over!  Autumn was placed into a new environment, while trying to pretend around every corner wasn’t danger…I enjoyed her…great match for a boy who is use to getting what he wants, when he wants it, no questions asked!  Add in a psycho ex and shenanigans are a must!  

The cousin brought his own BOOM, his part of the family and a story that kept me hooked to my kindle until I sadly came to THE END…  I have mentioned before that I hope these Mayson boys just keep procreating and keeping the gene pool flowing and alpha! Not asking too much right?
Assumption is worth your time, money and batteries!  Loved it!
Written by: unrulygirl

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