Bait by M. Mabie

Bait is full of things that some may find hard to read…but if they pass by this book they are missing out on something incredible.  Ms. Mabie has a way of writing that draws you in…and makes you want to strangle the life right out of her and the next second you are weeping in joy and ecstasy and penning a thank you card.  I cannot be responsible for some of my thoughts towards this author while reading this book, I am sure I would be doing some serious jail time. But that is why it is a 5 star read for me…evoking murderous thoughts during a read through? You have done something right!

It’s angsty…heart felt…gripping…frustrating and reminded me why reading is such an emotional journey.  When you are completely transfixed with characters as if you are sitting at the bar with them, you know you are reading something special.  Not all the choices that are made in this will make sense to you…and you find yourself pulling for a right that others find completely wrong. Some things aren’t black and white and it’s the color in between that keeps us wanting more…but at the end of the day all I wanted was Casey…for me! Gonna be honest…Honeybee was on my hit list through out this book…so wanted to punch her in the throat…repeatedly!

Can’t wait to read more…Ms. Mabie has wounded me with her words, crushed me with her letter and I can’t thank her enough. Read this book…put aside your list of can’t read abouts and dive in…you won’t be sorry.

Written by: unrulygirl

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