Beard In Mind by Penny Reid

It’s hard for me to rate these books. They aren’t what I would call rateable..because reading them is an experience. This one was emotional, honest and times hard to read because the feelings that were invoked almost caused you to feel too much right along with the characters. I will say this, I can’t enough of this authors unmistakably “different” characters. Their quirks and way of speech are so likable it’s, like I said an experience to be had with each new installment. I love this family, but if being honest I NEED Billy’s story, like yesterday! But I read on..and wait! Beau and Shelly were honest, real and just the right amount of perfect for me. 

They can both change your oil, fix your brakes and do just about anything under the hood. But what they can’t do is figure each other out. Secrets. Insecurities and a mess of other “situations” just keep getting in there way. If only they could break through it all and just see each other for the likely souls they have in each other. Pot meet kettle. Stroll of into the sunset. But alas we get more, so much more.


A little intrigue, some bikers, a family of “different characters” add to the mix ups, shenanigans and life that we have, as readers, connected with and feel a part of. I am always waiting for more from all of these guys. Catching up with past bros, keeping track of who is who and what is what, is all part of the Winston charm. Can’t wait for more.

Written by: unrulygirl

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