Beard With Me by Penny Reid


I have read and loved every one of the Winston brother’s stories…but this one? This one owns my heart and soul. I can’t even express how I am reeling after finishing Billy and Scarlet’s beginning. I have watched them throughout everyone’s HEA, they skirt around the edges never giving too much but this…this was EVERYTHING. I can’t even gather my thoughts enough to express my absolute LOVE for this one. I am truly beaming. A book that reminds me why I read? This is one of them. Ms. Reid is an absolute genius at weaving a slow burn tale that finds you completely immersed in the story. So much so your heart soars when they smile, breaks when they falter and beams when they realize their worth in each other’s lives. This is a story of triumph, of complete devastation and of a will and determination that can not be extinguished. When I say I can’t wait for the next book I mean that with every fiber of my soul. I am already composing my message to one Penny Reid that may say something to fact of “I helped you with the robot dance…maybe I can be one of the chosen few to read this NOW???” I haven’t been this attached to a story in a long time…until the next one.

Written by: unrulygirl

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