Beck by Harper Sloan

Ms. Harper Sloan has become an instant read author for me..I love her books, she writes an alpha that really pulls you in and makes you fall in love with them whole heartily..

Beck was no different in that I fell completely in LOVE with him, in fact he may be my favorite of the boys so far, but Dee not so much.  It isn’t that I didn’t like her, I just did not enjoy the redundancy of her story.  If she didn’t have to relive her horribly bad luck and piss ass timing ending her in crap situations this would have been an instant 5 Star read for me.  Ducks whilst things are being thrown at me..

Beck never wavered in his devotion, loyalty and all out love for Dee even after her stubborn ass made mistake after mistake.  Two years puts Beck in complete sainthood status, but also dings his “take what is mine” just a tad bit.  I say just a tad, because in all reality this book is 5 Beck Loving Stars for me..but 3 for Dee, rounding to a 4..see pure math skills!

The story took a little off road adventure into pain and tears for me..won’t get into that but I will mention that crying and me, don’t usually go together..but Ms. Sloan wrote a truly poignant moment that made a hardened heart like me actually shed a tear, so kudos to you! 

I recommend this book strongly and know if you have enjoyed Axel and Cage you will definitely enjoy Beck! Go forth and read..DO IT NOW!
Written by: unrulygirl

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