Best Kase Scenario by Layla Frost

I enjoyed book one in this series, but I was hook..line.. and sinker for book two. I loved Kase. His quietly knowing glances. His ability to love with out completely overwhelming Harlow. His caveman capabilities to drag her ass out of a situation if need be. How he allowed Harlow to feel loved, safe and cherished prior to even having an intimate relationship. But most of all his protection and manner in which he loves everything and everyone within his ohana.

Harlow is fighting to keep her family afloat, she has taken on the burdens of others without even asking if she should be. Her schedule is insane and slowly wearing her down. She finds herself in a job that isn’t within the life plan she had drawn out for herself but at the end of the day it was all about the money.

Kase has noticed Harlow, but he waits…and waits…until he finds himself unable to wait any longer. At that point he quietly protects what will be his, just as soon as he can break down all her boxes. I laughed, I cared, I fell for both characters completely. Throw in a little mystery, friendships, family and some crazy dogs and you’ve got yourself a great book! Looking forward to more!

Written by: unrulygirl

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