Blurred by Kim Karr

Rock bottom…it is the place where you are said to go where there is no further to fall…unless your name is Ben Covington.  He hits bottom a few more times than most, and this glimpse into all things Ben, is proof that every one has their own demons to conquer.  The side of the story from the one you loved to hate in the Dahl, River and Ben triangle.  But doesn’t everyone deserve to be heard, the fate of one mistake although HUGE shouldn’t be the end all…should it?

Blurred is a cliffs note version to all things Benjamin Covington, from how he adored and protected his first love, how he made a mistake but couldn’t get over the connection that he felt, his relationship with his family to overcoming himself to be better.  It takes being picked up from the one person who shouldn’t care but always will to make him realize he’s finally at what most would define rock bottom.  The road to redemption is paved with mistakes, alcohol and forgiveness.  Haters need to try to see Ben in a new light…I am so glad I did!
Now I’m off to Frayed where I hope with all hope that Ben gets not only his HEA but also can forgive and love himself.

Written by: unrulygirl

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