Bound To The Fallen by Stevie J. Cole

This book is labeled paranormal, and the beginning of the book takes you back so far I would consider it the start of existence. Not being one for historical books I was slightly nervous..but the scene is only set with the backwards glance, so that you know why the players are where they are now. 

You fast forward brilliantly to the now, you meet graduation, a whole patterned life sits before her, but it is not the path she envisions for herself.  Her father has always wanted one of his daughters to become the second doctor of the family.  His actions as a human have pushed Brooke away from ever wanting or accepting that kind of behavior.


A new job in the medical field, new creepy ass boss, a girl I don’t trust from first meet, and one hot looking doctor sets her new scene for the foreseeable future. 

Gavin is a man of singular tastes.  He doesn’t dip his wick in the company melting pot.  He has no choice but to exist in this world so he has come to know what he wants and desires.  Never has a woman made him stop to imagine what if…but he is a dirty talking man that knows his way around the lady parts and for that I say “hollah”..
Attraction crackles..lines are crossed and love is found.  With the world as Gavin knows it Brooke safe?  Can these two find a happily ever after when one has no end in sight?  Little did I know the answers will be in book win this round Stevie! Another thing this author did was to incorporate music with the story, even if just on the radio in the car, or a background song emanating through the scene, it helped set a tone that was incredibly deep.  So with that I leave you a song that reminds of me of my immortal..

Written by: unrulygirl

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