Burying Water By K.A. Tucker

Every new K.A. Tucker book I read I think…this one is my favorite…and then I read the next one and it falls into the same category.  So basically she writes…I read and enjoy.  This is an agreement I can always work with.
Burying Water is a different kind of story, but one that I was taken in by from the very beginning.  A young woman, swept away by an older, powerful and evil man…not knowing how to get away from it all but wanting to with everything she is…Finding true love in a split second dark encounter on the side of the road…all of things collide together creating an intriguing, sometimes hard to read story that had me hooked from the first sentence.
Following these two from strangers to soul mates was an incredible journey of rediscovery, redemption and realizing who you were always meant to be…being lost until the moment you find your true self, the one you were always meant to be is inspiring.  I loved this book and it has remained with me long past the end…

Written by: unrulygirl

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