Cage by Harper Sloan

Cage (Corps Security, #2)Cage by Harper Sloan
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Harper Sloan knows alpha! Loved it..full review to follow. Thanks to author Harper Sloan for the advanced copy! Blog Tour coming soon


“I won’t go so far as saying it was love at first sight, but it damn sure was hard on at first sight.”

I am going to be brutally honest with y’all right now..Greg “G” Cage annoyed the ever loving shit out of me in book one..there I said it..they say honesty and truthfulness is the way to go..Why, you may ask? I will tell you why..”Baby Girl” that saying was like nails on a chalkboard to me after Axel (which I loved 5 star read too) So I was a little hesitant to read this book because of that..did I like Cage? Yes but “baby girl” was going to be the death of me..Ok I feel better now that I got that off my let us get into all the ways I now HEART GREG “BEAST” CAGE

I am going to start with Melissa..she was raised by a weak woman who wasn’t strong enough to teach her two girls how to demand they be treated. Melissa took that unto herself to learn. Her sister sadly did not. She paid the price of being too trusting and weak to make the change to get her and her son a better life.

“”Do not put your nasty little hands on me. Ever. I will make you sorry you even stepped into my mother fucking personal space! Do you hear ME, Skipper?”

Uh swoon..

“You do not look at me. You do not talk to me. You definitely do not touch me. Now, get your ass off the floor. You look ridiculous”

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“Do you taste as good as you feel? Warm and juicy? Like a ripe peach that’s mine for the picking?”

After many years of dealing with psycho ex hookers that is the only language they speak..gotta let em know you aren’t playing..lay down the mother fucking law! HOT!

Needless to say Melissa wasn’t a shrinking violet and let her feelings and what she wanted known front and center.. Alpha female I LOVE IT!! She is taking care of her family, her life and not letting anyone stand in her way.
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Now to my pierced cock, protective, love until it hurts Greg Cage..all the “baby girls” I endured during Axel make sense to me now. Greg has always been a protector and when he couldn’t protect the person he loved more than himself he couldn’t handle the outcome. After his sister’s death he just needed to feel needed and Izzy filled that role. I am glad he fell in love with a stronger female that could use his protective ways but not lose themselves in the shadow of it. They were the perfect fit..I don’t know if I mentioned the sex is hot and starts in the first 3% of the book..

“But I’m your beast, and baby..every Beauty needs a Beast.”
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“I feel like I just found a piece of myself that has been lost forever. a piece of the puzzle that I didn’t even know was missing until you walked into my life.”
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Can’t wait for the rest of the crew and their stories..mmm

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