Conflicted Love by Lola Stark

Having loved Tattered Love I was on pins and needles waiting for Conflicted Love to come out..and I was not disappointed.  I devoured this book in like two hours and laughed, got pissed and had to wake up the hubs to quench my needs from reading some of the scenes.  So!
 The banter between Teeny and Trip was hilarious and being a girl that LOVES dialogue it fed my need to fly through this book.  It’s no secret in knowing that Teeny has found herself  pregnant after a drunken night with Trip, the man whore.  What you find later is that this was destined to happen..

Sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until it literally slaps you upside the head.  Teeny being pregnant and giving Trip the family that he never knew he wanted but was raised to succeed at.  That sealed the fate of both these strong willed people to start to let down their defenses and start to feel.
The next story was set and allowed us readers to instantly want to know more without overwhelming Trip and Teeny’s story, well -done Ms. Stark..well -done! 

Never an easy road to travel, they navigated in humor and friendship and ended in their Happily Ever After..

Written by: unrulygirl

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