Consequences of Deception by Ella Fox

WOW..that is my review! From the prologue to the epilogue I was glued to this book.  Ignoring my “real” life to bask in the pages of Killian’s dirty talking, rich, wounded days.  Having nothing but my battery operated boyfriend and a locking door to keep me company..yeah that good!

Bossy, arrogant, beyond rich, intelligent, sexually explicit, happy spanking and domineering man..Killian Brandt.  Waiting for her time, innocent, alone and completely head over heels in love with the only that man that has ever been in her heart..Sloane Evans.

One night changed both of their paths..lives lost, futures altered and wicked webs weaved!  You know from the very start that there is more to the story, but you aren’t sure where the road cracked.  

All I wanted was for these two stubborn, headstrong people to talk.  Something wasn’t adding up and the answer was just right there..slightly out of reach.  With that said the angst because of this, was so perfectly executed by Ms. Fox, that you crave it.  

This story also had a song looping through my head..every time I wanted them to just open up..So I finish this review with a MUST read this book and a song that reminds me of what I wanted both Killian and Sloane to finally do..say something..

Written by: unrulygirl

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