Crashed by K. Bromberg

I loved everything about this series, including the conclusion.  I could not have asked for more, with that said..I will miss Colton, Rylee, Becks, Haddie and all the boys more than I care to elaborate and still seem sane..

Let me start this review with something that needs to be clearly stated..K. Bromberg can write! She evokes emotions on every level. From gut wrenching pain, empathy, bliss, friendship and complete panty soaking hotness, so for that I say “thank you”!  

Damaged men that find themselves through the eyes of a strong woman that love them are my absolute favorite kind.  Colton Donavan owns this, completely.  Finding out the hard way that life is too short, he finally finds his voice and opens his heart completely.  Through the love of not only his Ryles, but the boys in the house, his parents, and extended family that could not help but love him unconditionally.  Finding his worth through their love was an incredible way to end this journey.

Not usually a fan of the female leads in books, I was utterly taken with Rylee.  From a life she had cruelly and abruptly stolen from her at such a young age, she rose from the devastation with a renewed sense of self.  Not one to take life for granted she had it all except for the love of a completely bent not broken man.  And then there was Tawny..what a total bitch face, douche-bag, home wrecking whore..but please feel free to draw your own conclusion to that scenario..

Lyrics and music always have a way of making a story more for me.  The way she evoked emotion by comparing it to a song..was so brilliant in my opinion.  It brought to life more than just the words on the page ever could.  Making the connection to the characters that much stronger and the feelings more tangible.

Having completely and whole heartily fallen head over heels with not only Colton and Rylee, but the series I am sad to see it end.  But Ms. Bromberg gave a stunning epilogue, touching on everything I needed to get with a heavy heart I bid them all a fond farewell and look forward to more from this author!

“My alphabet, motherfucking A to Z.”

Written by: unrulygirl

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