Debt by Nina G. Jones

Retaliation, an eye for an eye, making sure everyone involved suffers, a debt that must be paid in full. This is the way Tax and Jude have lived their lives, never being from the right place, born into a situation they had no control over, when you have no choices but to survive you decide retribution is the only way to win back the upper hand.
Knowing that there is something missing in the debt that Tax is seeking to avenge, you go along with the story finding that their fucked-up-ness is somehow strangely beautiful. This is not a fairytale of the regular kind, no fair maiden or prince charming here…instead you find a woman that hasn’t found her true self, and the darkest prince…together these two can help each other find not only love for each other but forgiveness and redemption.
Lines are crossed, not knowing anymore what is good, bad, hideous or painstakingly deserved.  As a reader you are inclined to believe the man should be romantic, you may need to re-define your perception with Tax…he is a bossy, arrogant, possessive, completely broken, hell bent on making those that hurt is family pay with everything. But at the end of the day…a relationship that began innocently many years ago is the heart of who HE is.
You know what happened is coming, with trips back to 14 years prior but nothing can prepare for what two kids from the “wrong side” of the tracks have to endure…no covering your eyes for this one…and after it’s all said and done, you relieve the victims of the crimes they committed seeking justice. One by one they fall…
Loved this book…the writing, being able to make something so wrong…somehow feel right to the characters…and a love that is so completely raw it consumes them and you.

Written by: unrulygirl

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