Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen


I am running out of ways to say I LOVE THIS BOOK, when trying to write a review for the newest L.J. Shen story. Every time she delivers. She not only packs a punch with her words, she softens the blow, makes you laugh, tear up, the angsty butterfly feeling that I LIVE FOR, all of it. You get all of it, with every single book she writes. Is it weird that I want to say this is so different but so the same…it feels like I just read and lived through a movie. And loved it! Even when I think she can’t possibly make me fall in love with someone. Bam. I do. She simply wrangles your heart and soul and holds it hostage until you sadly come upon the words..the end. This story was so much more. Taking my already high expectations and exceeding them. Keep that shit up! 

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Célian and Jude have a chemistry that doesn’t simply jump off the page, it slithers off and winds itself around your heart. They are explosive, challenging, and have a love/hate that keeps you absolutely connected to the story. Their passion for not only each other, but for those around them, whether it’s bad or good, is mesmerizing and has you wanting to buy #1 Fan T-shirts for them both. Team Célian is equal to Team Jude and together they create a Team Awesome like no other pairing I have read to date. This book seriously has something for everyone. It surpasses the bar and creates a new one for Ms. Shen to reach with her next tale, and I for one can’t wait to see what that may be.

Written by: unrulygirl

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