Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan knows how to write an addictive, hard to read, moody, hot ass male lead..she has also nailed the smooth sail reading with a BAM…the end. lol leaving you with your eyes bugging out, jaw dropped, staring at the unwanted words…Acknowledgements WTF??!! I want mooooooore. But the wanting more is just the beginning of all the things you get in this story. From the different point of views, not overwhelming me but giving glances into their world from all of the perspectives. A blossoming relationship that is constantly teetering on the verge of destruction due to not sharing enough..

My only problem with the relationships is I feel one person is giving more than they are receiving..being the person there for everyone might take it’s toll on their heart and that is a little sad for me. Hoping through out the series we see all of these people get the happy ending they not only need but deserve. You got me girl…addicted and can’t wait for more. So hurry up and write. I am here for you if you need grocery shopping done, errands run, laundry..I am your girl!

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Written by: unrulygirl

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