Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March

I need MORE. In this installment you get to know Creighton a little better. His possessiveness and alpha like tendencies are more apparent in this story. You fall a lot harder and you get left AGAIN with wanting MORE. It’s like that old commercial where the lady is outside the store chanting open open open with grabby hands. That is me, but I am screaming and swiping at the kindle with MORE MORE MORE. Please let it swipe for more.

The hot factor..on point. The feels..they are present. The connection of characters? It is there, because of that you are so invested in wanting to know how it all turns out. Lives are intertwined now in a mess of loins, feelings and love? The only thing this book is lacking is ME. When do I get to meet the hot billionaire that wants to do nothing but pleasure me, cloth me and revere me? Shit..I guess that is why I read?

Ms. March is one of my auto buy authors and these little teasers serials are just another reason why. Keep them coming. I’m hooked.

Written by: unrulygirl

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