Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds

I can’t say it enough times…if Ms. Reynolds writes it, Dawn reads it. Not only reads it, but devours it. Her writing is so effortless that you simply get lost within the pages, forgetting what is real and what is from her imagination. Just once I would love to crawl into her mind and watch the alpha genius that is Ms. Reynolds at work..flawless

Sven and Maggie were destined..even with a crazed look in pajamas he knew she was it. Watching the love story unfold, and getting to check in with past couples was awesome. The demanding, possessive male that we all love to read about is once again shown in this novel. No one writes them better. To sit and read a book in one sitting…yes that is what you get when you open any book from this author. As always I patiently (right?!) wait for more..

Written by: unrulygirl

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