Divorce Diet by K.S. Adkins

Let’s start with this…I have always envied the “divorce diet” for one reason or another. Maybe due to my fat roll hanging over the jeans or the hubs is just driving me to point of complete frustration that it sounds like heaven. But this version as told by Ms. Adkins had me just feel sad and incomplete. Eddie and Pharis were two halves of a whole and apart they didn’t function as they should. Enter humor, badassness and loyalty as only K.S. Adkins can deliver.

I laughed, felt the heart strings pulled and gasped when the story took a K.S. turn. What does that mean? Read her books and you will find out. She pulls you in. Delivers the one two punch. And leaves you happier and tougher than you were when you started. It’s like a “how to” for anyone that wants to find their lady balls. I loved it. You get it all, and wash it down with a cold beer. Cheers Kelly. 


Written by: unrulygirl

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