Drifter by Bella Jewel

The second generation of MC’s is proving to be quite entertaining…Mercedes is an innocent bystander in the land of leather cuts, womanizing men, and the violence that comes hand in hand with having a Harley instead of a Volvo. With this life comes very protective men, women and friends. You are never in anything alone, someone always has your back.

I enjoyed Mercy’s character the most…she was small but packed a punch. She didn’t let the bitches of the world control who or what she was. She didn’t allow the “bullies” of the world have anything on her. Diesel was brooding, hot, talented, and did I mention hot? Their first meet was a real first for her, and ended as quickly as it started. Little did she know they would soon be traveling in the same circles.

She was humiliated time and time again, but never once did she lose site of who she was, even if she tried to pretend for just a minute. Friendship found, or demanded…and another group of protectors on her side. When Diesel finally pulls his head out of his ass and faces the truth that has been in front of him the whole time…with a deep sigh of contentment the story captured me. It wouldn’t be a Bella Jewel MC story if there wasn’t some mystery, intrigue and tense moments…once again showcasing the strength of how these families love one another. Enjoying these stories and happy that there are so many options for what can come next!

Written by: unrulygirl

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