Driven by K. Bromberg

Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1)Driven by K. Bromberg
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Holy crap T what an ending! Moving onto Fueled and then I will review..awesome book! Hoping book 2 doesn’t end like that…grrr

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When I started my book loving, word devouring journey I was young. I loved to read. I would spend hours zoned out and placed in a world where my pain, embarrassment and issues weren’t front and center and could escape to a place in mine and the author’s imagination. I was hooked, mesmerized by words I didn’t always even know the meaning of. The Color Purple, Island of The Blue Dolphin, and then I found angsty love stories in my beloved Sweet Valley High and Flowers in the Attic series. Through the years I found that any story spoke to me if there was a connection, a love that could be felt from the pages I read. I found Danielle Steele and other romance authors to feed this need..then I found FSoG and the rest as they say is history..

Why the long boring biography at the beginning of a review for a book about a race car driver and a shy, yet pretty girl who are damaged and have hot dirty sex? I don’t know but this book stayed with me and pulled me in, and made me want more..I haven’t been drawn into a series like this since FSoG and seeing as though I read that series more times then I am comfortable talking about, it means a lot.

“Rogue. Rebel. Reckless.”

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Colton, young, hot, race car driving bad boy that flits from women like they are disposable razors..not really thinking much of the revolving fact the first meet he is hooking up with someone flag? Maybe but once he has his eyes set on Rylee..lock, loaded and ready to engage!

“Donavan is confident and sure of himself and more than comfortable with being the alpha male.” Yeah baby..

Rylee a young, sweet, naive or perhaps guarded is a better way to describe her. She is protective and has a selfless heart that beats for the kids at The House. A place for abused kids that she runs and helps get funding for (of course with help from non-other then Mr. Donavan). The relationship that Rylee has with her staff, the boys and her friends made her genuinely likable and puts her in a state of vulnerability to the reader. You root for her and want her to find her happy ever after..

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Of course on the road to happily ever after is potholes, construction, and a cliff that leaves you hanging by a thread. This book had me by the heart strings from very early on and held on through book one and two..this author has an auto read fan in me!

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Read this book you won’t be has angst, heart and sexual heat that can leave your burning for days..but have book 2 ready to go!

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