Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

A little boy running from the worst day he has known yet…in a world where bad days out number good…enters a window and finds his future. In one pair of the bluest eyes he has ever seen, holds the key to happiness.

 A girl that escapes her dreary existence hiding in an abandoned apartment sketching is interrupted by a young boy she expects might be doing the same, and from that moment on, within the walls of this magical place, for however little time a day, things don’t look so bad.

Nothing comes easy for either Till or Eliza but together they are a force that nothing can penetrate, not even their own insecurities and weaknesses. A family is formed, a night almost takes it away, but when the going gets tough the only thing that will help is the love and friendship they have in each other.

This story was more than just a love story, it was friendship, family and knowing deep in your heart where you were meant to be and who you meant to be with. Eliza never gave up, was the strength that the Page boys needed to rise above what they had always thought was their fate. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more..

Written by: unrulygirl

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