Forever You’re Mine by K. Langston

This series is up high on my favorites list…every time I think that I have found my favorite couple Ms. Langston goes and writes another one. Cannon and Cora separately were beautifully flawed, together they were stronger and completed each other.

The journey that these two embark on starts with a solid foundation of friendship, though they both want to mount each other and hump like rabbits…they fight the urge, not wanting to risk what they both mean to each other. Cannon knows that Cora deserves so much more than what she has always settled for. Cora is highly aware that Cannon is dangerously affected by events that she has yet to learn about. Together they find their way on a path of fighting demons, themselves and all that life throws at them to end in a happily ever after…we hope.

Angst, love, friendship, and an undying affection for each other is apparent throughout this story. Cannon is fucking smoking hot and Cora is determined, willing to fight, and simply can’t see her self without her man.

LOVED IT..can’t wait for more. This story is easy to connect with…can be read as a stand-alone, even though I don’t know why you wouldn’t read the first three?? The whole series is amazing!

Written by: unrulygirl

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