Frayed by Kim Karr

So after Blurred you continue on to Frayed…Ben is getting his life together.  He has a purpose, a goal of sorts and continues to go to every party that Bell works at.  Their connection is as strong as ever, but the world keeping them apart seems stronger.
In this book you go deeper into what makes Bell and Ben tick, and after reading this one I am not sure if it is guilt that makes them afraid to commit or the fact that neither one of them feels they deserve to be happy. Both of them are good people when you strip away snap decisions, or judgment calls you may not agree with.  At the root, they are loyal, loving and protective.  And being a part of watching them recognize and realize that they are worth a happily ever after was amazing.
Kim Karr is not only a poet with her words, but a magician of sorts, taking a character you painted as the bad guy, giving him the white horse to come save his princess and ride her into their sunset.  Give Ben and Bell and a chance, you CAN’T be disappointed in this book! 
Written by: unrulygirl

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