Fumbled Love by Lila Rose

Fumbled Love (a BBW romantic comedy)Fumbled Love by Lila Rose
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Such a cute story. I’m really glad I read this one. First time reading this author and I really enjoyed this sort of second chance at first love, sports romance! I love me an awkward girl that finds herself in the sights of a hot ass stud type guy. It always makes me smile. The more awkward the better, when this one started there were a few words used by the lead girl that had me wondering if I would connect with her, but a couple of pages in I embraced her and her crazy antics and was immediately pulled into the story. The background helped when we got into Carter’s head a little bit. The pieces all started to fall into place. Their past, how they could find a future and all the in-betweens that help bring it all together in order to deliver a cute, fun-filled rom-com. Not only was Reagan a little extra her parents were EXTRA and the combination of the two…we had a winner! lol Sweet read with easy to connect to leads, a supporting cast that helps bring it all home. Totally enjoyed it.

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