Gentleman Nine by Penelope Ward

Reading a Penelope Ward book I know I am going to get characters I am drawn to, and a storyline that will keep me invested. Gentleman Nine holds this tradition…I enjoyed the torn between feeling of where the heart may go. I do love me some angst.

I picked my team early on in this story. Regardless of where it all went, I held strong and pulled for my boy to be the winner. It was an easy decision for me. Other readers may feel the pull of another, but I stayed the course. Happily ever afters can look different for everyone. This one was true to it’s beginning.

The different POV’s shed light where you may have floundered in wondering had they not been present. But it also gave more heart to all the players involved. You became a little more invested with everyone. My connection was never full with any of them, but I enjoyed this one, read it quickly and smiled. Win win..

Written by: unrulygirl

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