Guilty As Sin by Meghan March

Everything is starting to come to a head…I still have one hunch buried within the words of my kindle. But I’ll hold those cards close to my chest. As I was expecting the intrigue is growing and my wtf is going to happen is peaking! The back and forth from past to present was easier for me to follow and stay connected with…the family dynamics started making more sense and mattered more in this one, overall it started to win me over…Whitney is still a bit of road block for me, but Lincoln came forth guns-a-blazing for me in this edition. I am wondering how this will all play out. As I stated I have my theories that I will hold close, but will totally scream TOLD YOU SO…to no one in particular but it will still make me proud of well…me. lol I will wait by my kindle for the finale…

Written by: unrulygirl

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