GUNS: The Spencer Book by J.A. Huss

Getting just a taste of Spencer and Ronnie AKA “Bomb” in the prequel to this story I was SUPER excited to get more..just when the author hooked me in..the words THE END/TBC slapped me right in the fucking face..grrr
Spencer puts on a show of detached ways and right when you think this guy is all falls into place and makes perfectly fucked up sense!  Ronnie doesn’t know why she is getting the cold-shoulder from the one man that she has loved since she first laid eyes on him.  All she knows is he is being a dick and has dates with other women.
The team has to get through one more “heist” one more all for for all moment and then they can start their “real lives”.  They can safely live in the open and love who they love without the constant glancing over the shoulders all of them have come to expect.
The “team” has never included Veronica and Spencer has his reasons for that.  But seeing Ford and Ronin happy and fulfilled leaves an ache in his heart that only his Bomb can fill…players are set…lines are drawn and the shootout for dominance commences…which team will come out on top and is the future he has wanted all along be his to live?  Read the damn book and find out…I loved it.

I have yet to read the Rook and Ronin series (I know I know..what am I waiting for) but my point is you don’t have to in order to feel you know all the pawns and players in the game…I do recommend reading Ford’s books and Spencer’s first book..that will help but the author does a great job of keeping you updated without bogging you down with too much un-needed info.
My favorite part? Epilogue Part Two…it was like the “muppet baby team” and it had me laughing out loud and seeing a future series in the making…

Written by: unrulygirl

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