Hard Knox by Nicole Williams

So this book was a little harder for me to get into than my usual Nicole Williams read…don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both Charlie and Knox…but the real connection came later in the story.  Charlie is a stubborn, independent, feisty female with a snarky comment for anyone she deems in the “in” crowd.  A reporter by profession and heart, she has to have facts in order to come to her conclusions.  That can be a good quality and a bad one…

For Knox this quality actually came in kind of handy…the college bad boy, that is known for getting girls numbers via pockets full of chonis!  Um..yeah!  He is someone you tread lightly around and definitely want on your good side.  But things aren’t always what they seem and start to look even more different when he notices Charlie…and becomes protective of her right away.

The mystery surrounding her was one I figured out early on (pats self on back) and through close quarters…protecting a “friend” hearts find each other!  When feelings are realized is when I became completely enveloped into this story…Charlie wasn’t so frigid and hell bent to prove everyone was a douche and Knox softened enough around the edges to melt my heart.

Ms. Williams is a magnificent story teller and reading any of her books has always proven to be a great choice!! I look forward to the next installment..

Written by: unrulygirl

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