Hate 2 Lovers by J.D. Hollyfield & K. Webster

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HATE..it’s a strong word. LOVE..is even stronger, because of these two feelings being so strong they can sometimes live a parallel life and confuse even the most level headed of people. Add sex, feelings, pregnancy and someone that doesn’t trust feelings at all and you have a cluster fuck of epic proportions.  Sprinkle in two authors that live to make you laugh, cry, feel and add an undertone of dark loveliness and you have a 5 star read that is unputdownable.

These two should quit whatever else they are doing and write stories together EVERY. DAY. Their humor, heart, twisted angst and straight gangsta goofiness makes for such an amazing story. After reading book one I knew I NEEDED to read this one asap. It did not let me down. The hate, love, friendship and family that was created was incredible to watch unfold. I can’t wait for more. I am already addicted to the next story. HURRY. UP. girls I will pay in wine..

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