Hot Shot by Karina Halle

4.5 Favorite Of The Series So Far
I plowed through this story. Enjoying the tumultuous relationship between these two life long friends. That have loved each other as long as they have known each other. With a knotted stomach I read through the pain of witnessing relationships that shouldn’t be. The closeness that is evident to everyone but themselves take root and grow. 
Again with the broken boys…I do love them and Fox did an amazing job of being one fucked up dude. And yet so full of love and devotion it was impossible not to fall head over heels for him. As for Del…she was no quitter, she stayed the course and fought with all she had to make sure the love of her life knew he was loved and seen. The calm to his storm, the light on his dark days. 
Totally enjoyed this love vs. demons story. I had been waiting for these two to take on the HEA..and I loved every page of it!
Written by: unrulygirl

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