I Don’t by Ella Fox

We start out this story with Ava working, not fully enjoying where she is or what she is doing (do any of us??) when an interruption blasts her back to reality. Enter Mateo. The strength in this story. The reason I read it in one sitting. Mateo is love.

He wants his girl back. Through the story you learn that he tried to give Ava time, space and the freedom that killed him to afford her. The challenges that they faced together and apart were the driving forces behind where the story was taking us. A few too descriptive moments and weakness that I felt from Ava slowed me down a bit, but when Mateo was fully immersed into the story line I was HOOKED. He loved and fought hard enough to squash any moments of fragility that may have turned me away.

I totally enjoyed the story, and can’t wait for more from this series. Ms. Fox has a knack for writing stories I connect with easily and flow in a way that makes you forget that you are reading fiction. You are transported effortlessly into another world, with a book boyfriend that will make you want to slap your significant other to step up..

Written by: unrulygirl

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