If by Nina G. Jones

There are so many words in the English language, some make you feel better, others can crush you to the bone and there are certain words that are so small they seem almost insignificant, but can change the course. Never having really thought much of the small word “if” and the power behind it. If I had not gone to the dance I may never have met my now husband, if I were rich I could…, if I were thin…and so on. If is a dreamers word and can mess with the “what is” of the moment.

Both these characters could live the “if” life, obstacles that stand in their way aren’t ones that are easy to ignore, or easily surmountable, but they each live their lives in a way that demands attention. Bird is determined in a way that most only talk about, she has a dream and isn’t letting what others think of her decide her destiny. She embodies a strength was easy for me to connect with. Ash is living a life no one wish upon their worst enemy, in a way of punishing himself for things beyond his control. Both these characters are flawed, damaged and beautifully powerful all in one.

When these two notice each other it makes the difference in both of their lives between existing and living. But alas, nothing worth having is ever easy to come by…enter angst stage left. I connected to this story completely. It is different. It is powerful. And it has you taking everything in your life and experiencing it just a little more than you did before. If…no one wants to live an “if” life, make it a did, do, or happened kind of journey.

Written by: unrulygirl

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