It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time by Kylie Scott

Another addicting, somewhat forbidden love story that I couldn’t put down! I loved this one. I always read a book if it’s written by Kylie Scott, it’s just a given. I also don’t have to read the blurb, I just go in. So I had NO idea where this one was headed or what it was even about. The title was intriguing because who hasn’t felt like that one to a million times. But what I got was an unexpected love story, older dude, younger girl. Quite forbidden…so kinda hot just on that alone…and more heart than I would have thought. I really fell for the characters and bouncing from the past to present helped me to connect with the why and how. My only regret was not getting a little more from him. I would love to know how Pete felt, where was his head and heart through out the story. It wasn’t NEEDED more of wanted by me. The complication from surrounding entities just made the story that much more heady…I felt like I was sneaking out the window with them…I devoured this one and was left feeling happy and sated. My favorite feelings…

Written by: unrulygirl

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