It’s Just Love, Not A Time Bomb by Dawn Martens

A journey…you start with a glimpse into the now, and you head back into the lives of two people that are not connected…but through time, circumstances and a friend in common they meet.  Not only come together but relate, in a way that has future written all over it.  Starting off as friends…but finding that beyond a friendship is SO much more.
I enjoyed this book…the trials and tribulations that we all embark on that make us…well us, individuals in a sea of everyone.  The paths that we take eventually lead us to where we are supposed to land, some events are painful…even excruciating but every pained memory, wonderful moment and love that we have had helps us become the final product. Alix and Jordan needed to kiss a lot of frogs to find their prince/princess in one another.
 Ms. Martens’ first solo run at writing was fun, angsty, with a dash of reality tv drama mixed in that will keep you glued to your kindle…needing to know if these two crazy kids finally can settle down and find their happily ever after.
Written by: unrulygirl

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