Jake Undone by Penelope Ward

Jake UndoneJake Undone by Penelope Ward
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Just what I needed..coulda used pierced junk..but? Full review to follow..

I can always appreciate a book for what I get out of it. At the moment I needed a tattooed, pierced bad boy looking, but sweet and loyal boy like I needed my next breath. So thank you Jake Green for giving me what I needed..I would have said exactly what I needed but the foreshadowing of pierced junk to NOT having it..was a let down, I gotta be honest..

“Down there? No, actually. I was referring to your fear of everything, Nina, but now I believe you might be referring to whether or not my cock is pierced.” grrr

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Anxiety, fear and phobias..being a woman, mother and a generally freaked out person, I know how gripping these things can be. How one second of time can change your entire outlook on life and a place that once held comfort can hold the exact opposite. Nina’s fears may have some feeling she was a weak minded female, I am not one of those people. A traumatic experience or loss of a loved one can instill a gripping uneasiness that can alter the way you once were. Nina may have had these fears and anxieties but the fact that she moved to an unknown city to start her education towards nursing, shows that she started her journey stronger than she even knew she was.

“And those butterflies in my stomach? They were dead from exhaustion” Nina

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Jake..you hear him before you even see him. His life is one of outside ruggedness and inside genius and loyal to a complete fault. He gives an impression of one ideal while living a complete opposite existence. He works in the city as an engineer and every Friday takes off to Boston to deal with whatever commitment he has. Keeping it all to himself and never explaining what is behind the door marked Boston.. Jake meets Nina and knows that this girl needs to break out of her shell and live..he sees the strength in her that she can’t. So through tutoring and a bet, Jake starts to chip away the exterior unease and finds that he is undone himself.

“My heart hasn’t beat the same since I laid eyes on you, Nina. Ever since that day, my entire life has been about doing everything in my power not to want you like this..because I don’t want to drag you into my fucked up life.”

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You know there is a secret that Jake is keeping, I usually am a bit quicker on the uptake but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Just once it came I was completely sunk into Jake and Nina and didn’t want to add the tugboat.. For me Jake was pure perfection, I loved his strength, devotion and reliability. He was a best friend, lover and protector. My favorite type of lead..and add tatts and bad boy accoutrements..SOLD!

“But despite doing what I thought was right, I want you more everyday, more than I fucking want to breathe.” Jake

I didn’t read Gemini which I hear is a companion novel to this. I will get to that book because I really enjoyed the angst, well written in my humble opinion. I had not hid and snuck in a reading session at work in awhile and did with this one.

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