Kiss And Break Up by Ella Fields

If you love angst, YA, high school friends to more books YOU MUST READ THIS STORY! Even if you don’t I think you should dive into this one. It held me completely by the reader balls…I couldn’t stop reading, devouring this one in a matter of hours. I literally could not stop reading. Bathroom breaks be gone. Depends ON…check LOL!!

If I am being honest (and I like to think I usually am) the love affair with this book started when I first caught a glimpse of the cover. I fell in love…then I read the blurb and the infatuation grew…BUT then I read the book and I am a goner. All the feels…ranging from the “I wanna kick his ass” to “oh my goooooodness how sweet” to the occasional “swoooooooonnn” and back to “ragey stabby throwing the kindle at the wall” you completely feel them ALLLLLL…Ella Fields writing is ON POINT and the connection between these child hood friends is palpable. Will they-won’t they-stomach in knots-anticipation butterflies-all the reasons why I love reading romance-CHECK.

Emotionally charged, beautifully written, first love story at it’s finest. I can’t recommend this one enough!!

Written by: unrulygirl

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