Layers and Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich

I have a friend that I trust, she is not easy to please in a literary sense, she puts her nose to the grindstone and searches for the next great book for us..and I love her for Tara this review is dedicated to you..for all the groups you search, for the hot sex and even hotter alpha research you put in every day.  You my friend, you are appreciated.
This is another book I would have never heard of without my girl.  And what a pity that would have sex, billionaire, and strong female lead that doesn’t make me want to punch her face in.  She is young yet strong, not afraid to show her sensuality, not a virgin and determined to stay unattached. 
When these two meet the sparks fly and the scene is set..insta-love you ask? I would lean towards insta-wanna fuck and the feelings come on strong and quick.  The attraction and feelings don’t seem rushed or made up.  The story flows in a way that makes you want to continue reading to follow their journey.
Did I know there was a book two?  Not when I started and thank goodness the second was out because I started it at “The End” of book one.  


Their love story was not a perfect fairy tale, it was paved with angst, mistakes and parts that made you want to toss the kindle into the night air.  Dominating, capable, possessive and doesn’t need a road map to the big O: Daniel Stark was the draw for me to this book.  He was written in a way that made you want to have your way with him and then punch in him in the throat a second later..I love those types.
I recommend this book strong, especially if you enjoyed the FSoG series..
Written by: unrulygirl

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