Love Broken by J.D. Hollyfield

This book was fun, heartfelt, smoking hot and had a angsty back and forth that had me flipping through the pages quicker than I was polishing off my Pinot. And FYI that is FAST. I connected with Katie aka Bailey Swan and loved that it takes place in the book world that I admire and love. Knowing that in my small world authors that I connect, are my rock stars and I put them in a different category than they even put themselves. And male models, although they aren’t my reason to go to a signing, they aren’t bad to look at. To get an “inside” story, although set in a fiction world was like watching a favorite reality show and I was HOOKED.

I loved Bates. He was funny, ferocious, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Knowing what he wanted and doing the work to make sure it happens. Katie didn’t see herself as the people around her did. The insecurities that life can deliver exuded from her up until she saw herself through someone that loved her. It was beautiful to watch. Funny moments. Heart-filled moments. And angst. The perfect ingredient to a love story for me. Add some back and forth, secrets and the feeling of taking away something like my favorite toy and dangle it in front of me..I LOVE IT. Knotted stomach, laughter, maybe even a watery eye, this story really caught me. Felt like I was invited to the “cool” kids party and got a front row seat to all things book world. J.D. Hollyfield portrayed it all with humor, heart and tequila. Perfectly.

Written by: unrulygirl

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