Mack Daddy by Penelope Ward

I read to escape..retreat from the every day turmoil that “real” life can dish out, Ms. Ward was like a tour guide through the perfect angst-ville where I have decided I want to live forever. I began this book with an open heart and mind, without reading the blurb, just trusting that this author I have enjoyed would do me right. And boy did she ever.

I connected with the characters and their relationship or lack there of right away. The way the past filled in with the way they were feeling and the why they hadn’t been together before was done perfectly. I wanted for them, yearned for all of the obstacles to crumble around them leaving them with an open path to HEA. But the angsty road that led them on their journey fed my soul people.

I know a book has done me right when I have that little knot in my heart. It pounds out of control when the situation calls for it, it flutters in my stomach when it decides to take a gut wrenching turn and then it beats with my own when the path leads to hearts connecting. Of course being the lover of all of the agony that real life can dish out…having it all play out the way it did and knowing that what was meant to be will always be, it just takes a few wrong turns and missteps to achieve it. As always I anxiously wait for more from this author.

Written by: unrulygirl

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